What's in a Voice?

The human voice is the most powerful method of expression we have. Every single voice is unique and indicates the underlying emotional and physical state at all times.    

What we say and how we say it, from the tone of our voice to the words we chose all go towards revealing our inner being. A well balanced voice can attract and hold the attention of the listener, where as an unbalanced voice may be misinterpreted or misunderstood. 

Bringing balance back into the voice can enhance our ability to communicate effectively, thus feeling more comfortable with ourselves and with others. It can also help us cope with people with whom we have argued or had misunderstandings due to unseen clashes of energy between personalities.

Nobody cures or heals anybody else, nor is there any claim whatsoever in that area from this practitioner, we do that for ourselves!

After the surgeon has performed repairs, or after an accident or illness, we have to help ourselves with the recovery process.

Being in a balanced emotional state, in a calm environment, surrounded by positive people, and using certain breathing techniques, will all help us to heal ourselves many times faster than if those qualities were not present.

It has been shown that the Sound Therapy is an extra special tool which has an effect in speeding up the recovery process by balancing and calming the emotional body and thus the mental and physical in turn.

Voice Analysis

Voice analysis involves talking into a microphone and having sophisticated software designed by Philip Sterling create voice patterns which can then be analysed.

Octaves in Sound Therapy

Now that we have made the connection between the 12 notes of the Chromatic Scale and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, it will not stretch the imagination too much to realise that the interpretations that are associated with those zodiacal signs may be equally applied to the musical notes as well.

Octaves within the Voice

The diagram on the left shows some possible associations between the octaves and the various levels of the human and its experiences.

Below are four examples of Voice patterns. Each shows how many times frequencies from the voice hit certain pitches that correspond to the notes set out on the piano keyboard at the top of the page.

The first one shows the voice to be higher in the first 6 notes and weaker in the second 6 notes. This suggests starting a project with much energy but having less energy to complete it.

There are managerial qualities here but there may also be ego problems and too much self-importance. There could be many lifestyle changes with a certain amount of bravery but the imbalance suggests erratic behaviour. It expresses the Cardinal and Fire types.

The second one has more energy towards the latter 6 notes, which suggests a lack of mental clarity and entanglements whilst trying to complete things. Everything is seen from many perspectives and views, making it difficult to take decisions into action.

It emphasises changes in consciousness and understanding but without any outer signs of progress. The mind may be more philosophical and theoretical than practical. It expresses the Mutable and Air types.

The third one has more energy in the central notes, which is a very common pattern, there is a deep involvement with life, some emotional and maybe obsessive or compulsive tendencies, but conversely, there could also be a great deal of flexibility if the person is a more advanced type.

Resistance and endurance are noted here but the person could also take on too much because of expectations put upon them by others. They are more likely to feel stress. It expresses the Fixed and Earth types.

The fourth one shows the voice at either end with a gap in the middle. Generally this indicates the qualities of perception and feeling, being sensitive to changes in self and environment. It is best not to hold on to those things that have outlived their usefulness, both materially and emotionally. There should be a flowing nature, a delight for others to meet, experiencing much variety and maybe appearing effortless to the observer.

They may not finish what has been started but that could be through a sense of detachment to the object or task. These people often seem to be in the world without necessarily being a full part of it. Artistic and musical talents are common. It expresses the Water type with transitions from Cardinal to Mutable.

The Process

 The client talks normally into a microphone (not recorded) and the computer software splits the speech into it’s component parts.

These individual frequencies then allow structured analysis which can accurately detect and pinpoint frequencies that are missing or stressed within our being.

A medical questionaire is completed prior to the session detailing physical and emotional history as well as any medications currently being taken.

The date and time of birth are other important factors to take into consideration of the frequency pattern which is seen as the personality of the client.

The dates of birth for significant others in the client’s life such as parents, children, spouses or personal and work partners can also have an influence of the client’s current emotional and physical state of well being.

Missing frequencies are played back to the client using a specilaised vibro-acoustic chair which allows the sounds to be directly felt. They are produced by the Bio Sound software on a PC and then amplified slightly and fed to 2 high quality transducers fitted to the back of the chair.

Clients may feel tingling sensations in various parts of their body or there may be an emotional release such as laughter or tears. Many find it easier to breath, some experience strong visual images whilst others find their back and spine feel much stronger.