The Vibro-Acoustic Chair

Frequencies are played back to the client using a specilaised vibro-acoustic chair which allows the sounds to be directly felt.

The frequencies are produced by the BioTuning software on a PC and then sent through a small amplifier similar to the one shown above.


The vibro acoustic chair has mounted on the back two specialist devices which are called transducers.

These are similar in principle to a loud speaker but are accurate down to 1 cycle per second (1 Hz)

These make it possible to deliver high precision frequencies at the lower end of the spectrum.

The cost of this complete system, including hardware and software, is £300.00.

Tone Generator

The tone generator is a part of the BioTuning program. It can programmed with up to 12 pairs of frequencies.

These can be programmed to be continuous or each one to be specifically timed.

There is also a second screen which can be selected and this allows the user to set up musical chords.

The program also incorporates MIDI ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface) with the whole range of MIDI musical tones available to the user.

The use of this software requires specialist training.