Case Studies

You can take a look at the following 9 case studies.

They have been categorised into various ailments.

Case Study 1

Richard – Parkinsons Disease

Richard walked into the room with his daughter supporting his arm, I noticed that his other arm had a slight tremor. He sat down and stated that he had Parkinson’s then asked if I could cure him !

Case Study 2

Mandy – Stiff Neck

Mandy came to see me with one specific and peculiar problem, she had a very stiff neck, which had been diagnosed as emanating from the C2 vertebra. She had seen chiropractors, osteopaths, taken the obligatory pills from the doctor but nothing had worked so was looking to the unorthodox practices for a possible solution.

Case Study 3

Loretta – Lost Voice

Loretta came to see me in some distress because she had nearly lost her voice. She is a practicing regression therapist and counsellor who was about to fly out to the Far East on a tour promoting these skills and was wondering whether she might have to cancel the trip.

Case Study 4

Tom – Heart Issues

Tom was brought to me by his wife, not unwillingly, but certainly with some scepticism and reserve. She was a therapist herself, but could not seem to help him. It is often the case that the best therapy is received from someone not emotionally close to you.

Tom had taken early retirement from the metropolitan police, where he had been a detective, as a result of a heart attack. He was unable to communicate with his wife on a normal emotional level and his wife was concerned that he might have another attack so was trying various alternative therapies to help him move forward.

Case Study 5

Jason – Catalepsy or Narcolepsy?

I encountered Jason because of his gifts for website design and hosting. Whilst I was with him, I noticed that on occasion he would seem to drift off into his own world, becoming oblivious to my presence in the room. I carefully pointed this out to him whereupon he disclosed that he had been diagnosed with the very strange conditions of catalepsy by one doctor and narcolepsy by another.

Catalepsy may be brought on by a sudden shock or by prolonged depression, but usually it only lasts for a few minutes up to about an hour. The vital bodily functions slow down and on occasion may resemble death itself. Narcolepsy causes the person to just fall asleep for a few minutes when in a quiet environment and the person may be woken easily. It is thought to be an immune-related disorder, which has no known cure and will probably last for life.

Case Study 6

Patricia – Thyroid Issues and Sudden Allergic Reactions

Patricia is a farmers wife, not too tall, stocky and robust looking, but with deep seated emotions and a feeling that her own powers were being overridden by her husband and son.

She had recently lost her mother with whom there was a very strong bond, and this seemed to have triggered a thyroid problem and some intermittent allergic reactions to dairy produce, coffee and cats!

Case Study 7

Christopher – Rheumatoid Arthritis

Whilst visiting Scotland, I was asked to visit a young man Christopher who lived out in the wilds of Aberdeenshire. He had Rheumatoid Arthritis and wondered whether the sound therapy might be able to help, as he was on a list of drugs that were causing more problems than they were solving.

Case Study 8

Amelia – Emotional Issues

I met Amelia at a venue for alternative thinkers and seekers of a more spiritual awareness. I had been invited to present the concepts of sound therapy with astrology to the group.

Amelia was one of many who were very keen to try this ‘new’ therapy. She stood out as having almost angelic qualities about her. She was very accepting and non judgemental of her fellow human beings even though she had experienced just the opposite from her own family.

Case Study 9

George – Depression

I met George at a society birthday party where there were many highly spiritually motivated people.

At one point in the proceedings, we were all invited to say a few words about the lady whose party it was, to which George said that he didn’t feel he should be there because he wasn’t at all spiritual !

I had a chance later on to talk with George and he acknowledged that he was quite severely depressed. I told him about the sound therapy and he readily accepted a session in the near future.