Philip has designed a range of software programs specifically for use with sound therapy. He offers BioTuning and AstroSound as separate programs and a combined A1 Sound Suite incorporating both programs which integrate together for those that wish to also utilise astrological aspects into their work.

Tone Box and Interface

Once a client’s corrective sound frequencies have been deduced they can be transferred from BioTuning to a Tone Box via the Computer to Tone Box Interface for the client to take away for therapy. Up to 12 pairs of frequencies can be transferred onto the Tone Box and be updated wherever necessary.

Vibro-Acoustic Chair

The Vibro-Acoustic chair is used by Philip to deliver sound frequencies to a client. This ergonomic chair is both comforatble and practical in being able to deliver the frequencies accurately and suitably connecting to each end of the spine column when testing or delivering the sound frequencies to a client.