Tonebox Installer

This is the software needed to install windows drivers for the USB Interface.

This can only be done after either the BioTuning Program or the A1 Sound Suite has been installed.

Please contact me to arrange payment of £100.00 and delivery of the whole package.


Tone Box and Interface

Once a client’s corrective sound frequencies have been calculated they can be transferred from within the BioTuning Program to a Tone Box, via the Interface, for the client to take away for their on-going emotional balancing.

Up to 12 pairs of frequencies can be transferred onto the Tone Box which can be easily re-programmed wherever necessary, based on changes in the Voice Analysis.

Tonebox Programmer

This is a screen shot of the actual Program which allows the 12 pairs of frequencies to be entered, and a suitable time interval for each.

All of the relevant data for an individual client can be saved to a small file and retrieved at any time.


The use of this software requires specialist training.