As we become more scientific and materialistic, we lose some of the direct connections, via feelings and intuition, to the complex and intricate cycles of nature. Many of the original tribal communities around the world still have that connection and maybe we can reconnect using astrology.

The Astrology that we know today goes back to the ancient Sumerians who had an advanced culture about 3500 BC located in lower Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). This empire was eventually replaced by the Assyrians and then absorbed into the Babylonian whose most famous King was the Biblical Nebuchadnezzar. The most famous Astrologer of these times was the prophet Daniel. An invasion by Alexander the Great in 331 BC marks the crucial time when Mesopotamia came face to face with the Greeks resulting in the birth of modern astrology.

Prior to the 17th Century, the terms Astronomy and Astrology were often interchangeable, although the emphasis applied to each was different. Astronomy was considered more mathematical and Astrology more philosophical but in general, the practitioner of one was also the practitioner of the other. The twin sciences sharing a common origin.

Astrology has been defined as “The study of the relationship between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm” which in material terms is the influence of the celestial bodies upon the Earth and its inhabitants. When defined in this way then Astrology clearly has a useful place in modern living.

It is interesting to watch the public in many countries flocking to the cinemas when the trilogy of Lord of the Rings was shown and of course all of the Harry Potter films and there have been so many more films which encapsulate those universal archetypes which must be so deeply engrained within the subconscious mind of all of us and which we desperately need to reconnect with.

The stories of the 12 Labours of Hercules is clearly based on the 12 signs of the zodiac and symbolises the challenges that we must all face at some level. The book Pilgrims Progress is also full of symbolism and astrological allegory. King Arthur had a round table with 12 brave knights doing daring deeds, Jesus had 12 disciples and certainly lived in an era when astrology was used widely. The wise men came from the east, they saw his star in the east – so they went west ! This fact baffles many clergy but when it is explained to them that the star in the east is a grouping of planets around the ascendant of an astrological chart they tend to go a bit quiet….

The work of Carl Gustav Jung in the world of psychology goes a long way in helping us understand some of those ancient archetypes, particularly the division of the human psyche into the areas of personal conscious, personal subconscious, collective conscious and collective subconscious. His concept of the psyche is of a dynamic system, in constant movement, but at the same time self-regulating. He calls this general psychic energy Libido, which is not actually sexual in meaning (but is often used that way) but has the general sense of desire, longing, urge.

The movement of a cosmic object such as a planet does not directly determine a distant event but if similar terrestrial bound repeating events corresponded to repeating cosmic patterns then the type of event and the prevailing cosmic pattern were duly noted. Over thousands of years, there were so many repeatable patterns and links that the ancients came to believe that the planets and fixed stars were seriously influential in the lives of all of the Earth’s inhabitants.

One of the issues that often beset Astrologers and others is the concept of fate and free will, if Astrology is true then does it mean that our lives are fated? Perhaps the answer lies in the awareness of the individual, if certain negative events and patterns in our lives repeat themselves, then becoming aware of the timing of those events through astrological practice could lead us to avoid them when they are likely to occur again by consciously altering our thoughts, feelings and actions.

“The Scientific Proof of Astrology” by Dr Percy Seymour

A very interesting book for general reading  by Dr Percy Seymour, an Astronomer / Astrophysicist at Plymouth University!

While the scientific and medical fraternity have historically been somewhat sceptical towards astrology, my many years of research in this field has unequivocally shown a strong correlation between a client’s underlying state of health and their birth chart.

This has been further endorsed by the sound therapy work I have carried out, some of which is documented as Case Studies on this website.