Musical Notes

The following correlations have been observed when

musical notes in the voice are out of balance.

Emotional: Male sense of personal power, female sense of sexuality, caring for the self, ability to self-direct.

Physical: The head area, large musculature, the pericardium, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus, the ability to think clearly, headaches & migraines.

Emotional: Secretly hard on self, so hard on others as a cover, can be defensively, sarcastic, financial concerns, collecting and hoarding.

Physical: The neck and throat area, larynx, lymph glands, thyroid issues, fertility issues, ovaries & testes, tendons and ligaments, colds and flu infections.

The outer ear and hearing in general. The heart muscle.

Emotional: Self approval issues, complaining as a form of self therapy, wanting to fix other peoples problems through telling them what to do. A need too talk.

Intellectualising the emotional body and nature. Lack of empathy.

Physical: Shoulders, arms and hands, sinuses, the bronchial tract, the lungs, the start of the digestive process, upper body flexibility, movement essential.

Emotional: Information brokers, they don’t share their emotions easily, need to be taken seriously and not seen as softies. Can be comfort eaters.

Physical: Stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver and gall bladder, enteric nervous system or second brain, solar plexus, intuitive senses.

Emotional: Self sabotage, need to be needed and seen, acting out ones own story.

Ego centred, not able to appreciate the other point of view. Grief

Physical: The heart in an electrical and energetic sense, oxygenation of digestion,

Allergic reactions, build up of mucus, the thymus and the immune system.

Emotional: Lack of trust, procrastination, workaholic, inability to integrate perception and action, a need to categorise, discriminate and for order and precision.

Physical: The small intestine, duodenum, jejunum and Ileum. The filtering of nutrients from the stomach and directing them to wherever they need to go.

Emotional: Indecision, keeping the peace at any cost, can leave the most important tasks undone, scared of personal sexuality and relationships.

Physical: The kidneys, adrenals, ureter, large intestine and appendix.

The whole of the lower back area.


Emotional: Hanging on to old emotional issues that no longer serve, a need to dig into other peoples psyche in order to understand the self, a need for physical experience. Self-defending even before being attacked. Manic outbursts.

Physical: The bladder, urethra, colon and anus. The prostate and testes, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and womb. Digestive enzyme production, a build up of cholesterol, thyroid issues. A common source of cancers.


Emotional: Spreading ones self too thinly, exploration and the need to learn, focusing on larger issues whilst missing the details. Tendency for arrogance.

Intellectualising the emotional body and nature. Lack of empathy.

Physical: The pelvis, thighs and upper legs, strong muscles needed here to support the body, neurotransmitter production and transmission

Emotional: Prioritising non physical issues, a sense of being burdened with too much responsibility leading to depression. Hard work needed to achieve desired goals. A tendency to rely on what they think that you mean.

Physical: The knees, cruciate and collateral ligaments. Stiffness in the joints, arthritic conditions, bone fractures and breakages, physical degeneration.

Emotional: Others may be more important, altruism and humanistic viewpoints, gives a lot physically but can be easily hurt, feelings of anger need to be expressed or heart issues can result.

Physical: Lower legs and ankles, chemical detoxification, regulation of oxygen, degeneration of processes, electrical malfunctions, arrhythmia, epilepsy.

The optic nerves and perception of colour.

Emotional: The martyr, they think that are deserving but don’t know how to achieve without appearing selfish. Life can seem like an illusion, they may need to be taken care of, alcohol and drugs need to be avoided. Addictions likely.

The need to be able to stand on one’s own two feet.

Physical: The feet, lymphatic system, subtle circulation, the nervous system is sensitised to magnetic field fluctuations. The auditory nerve.


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