Case Study 6

Patricia – Thyroid Issues and Sudden Allergic Reactions

Patricia is a farmers wife, not too tall, stocky and robust looking, but with deep seated emotions and a feeling that her own powers were being overridden by her husband and son. She had recently lost her mother with whom there was a very strong bond, and this seemed to have triggered a thyroid problem and some intermittent allergic reactions to dairy produce, coffee and cats!

She was born on the 13th September 1953 in Blackpool at 15:00 hours.

Her chart is a bowl type, completely in the upper hemisphere. She appears strong and self-confident when in public, the Sun and Mercury in Virgo in the 9th house suggests an accomplished lady, well read, with a philosophical nature, interested in a wide variety of subjects. She confided that being a farmer’s wife was very restrictive, she wanted to learn so much and travel even more. This is not surprising as she also has the Sagittarian Ascendant. The ruler is Jupiter in the 7th house so learning and travel will be via the partner, if he has the time! The Moon in Scorpio is a complex placement, giving that strong bond to the mother. This always causes problems when there is a bereavement.

This placement is also in the 11th house shows that she will make deep friendships through joining groups and societies, those friends being emotionally supportive for her when the need arises.

The voice print shows that her own note of F is quite strong, showing a good level of core energy. The main out of balance is between the notes of E and A#. The conjunctions of Venus and Mars with Pluto in Leo suggests a strong need to be noticed and an inner strength that could very well move mountains if given the opportunity. The note of E is the strongest in the chart, this planetary grouping suggesting that there is an emotional volcano just waiting to erupt.

She had been prescribed Chlorpheniramine Maleate for the allergies, and said that they wanted to get her on even more medications, but wasn’t happy taking any drugs, her preference was for homeopathic and herbal remedies, and for spiritual healing.

I noticed that when she came to see me, transiting Pluto was just about to cross her Ascendant. She felt like she was emotionally dying and didn’t know what to do about it. When any of the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto cross any of the 4 angles of the chart, those being the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant and Nadir, there is a major psychological shift for the native. Jupiter is probably the easiest of any of those transits, and Pluto the deepest and quite final in its effects.

I decided that the notes of C, C#, D, A, and A# would be required. I selected Zinc in the Note of C, which is close to the Harmonic Tritone of Saturn. As Patricia was a bit menopausal, I selected the hormone Estradiol in C#, which is close to the Harmonic Tritone of the Moon. I then gave Lysine in the Note of D, which is close to Jupiter and helps her to cope with her husband better!

I also gave her Folic Acid in A, Histamine in A#, Proline in A# and Iodine in B. These were prescribed to be taken 3 times a day after meals!

One month later she was feeling very much better, the Pluto transit was being assimilated into the subconscious and she was having very strong ideas about how to take herself forward in life. Only three months later she had virtually taken over the farm from her husband and son, turned it into a completely organic enterprise, was erecting Yurts on the land and inviting all sorts of people to her spiritual gatherings, and most importantly, telling the doctors that she didn’t need their medications.

She had finally come into her own power, which had lain dormant and in waiting for the right time to manifest. Along with Pluto, she also had a Jupiter transit right through Leo and into Virgo, which allowed her energies to explode into action, bringing a great deal of success as a direct result. The thyroid symptoms gradually disappeared, as did the occasional allergic reactions.