Case Study 1

Richard – Parkinsons Disease

Richard walked into the room with his daughter supporting his arm, I noticed that his other arm had a slight tremor. He sat down and stated that he had Parkinson’s then asked if I could cure him!

He was born on the 14th November 1933 in Luton at 04:30 hours.

Once I had cast his chart, several features stood out to me, he has a Splash layout, which is quite mercurial, plenty of scope for change and wide ranging interests. Libra rising often shows a tall person with grace and diplomacy.

The Sun in Scorpio means that he is does not like to reveal much about himself, The Moon in the 12th house is a bit psychic but it doesn’t allow easy expression of the inner need for nurturing so leading to some emotional dependency. Venus (ruler of the ascendant) in Capricorn gives a serious quality to the feelings and doesn’t like flippancy in communication.

The Sun Trine Pluto gives a deep resilience to massive changes and upheavals. Jupiter in the 12th house suggests spiritual or creative insights. Saturn in the 4th house suggests some deprivation or lack of resources during the early home life, and with the Trine to the Moon gives more impetus to the emotional dependency on Mother.

Venus Trine Neptune in the 11th house suggests a love of music, concerts, the opera and the theatre but as a spectator rather than a participant in any way, he didn’t play any musical instrument, nor did he consider that he had a good singing voice.

Pisces moving into Aries on the 6th house means that within the workplace, he is likely to start at the bottom and work his way up to a managerial position which is what happened. His 3rd house contains Venus and Mars, suggesting one brother and one sister, which happened to be true. His father had been killed and his mother left to bring up the family. He had married but his wife had a stroke after about 10 years of marriage and she died. Uranus in Aries in the 7th house – sudden changes in the area of relationships, disruption in the head area of the partner – uncanny !

Pluto was in Cancer for everyone who lived through the 2nd world war and basically means ‘transforming the traditions of home life for ever’ which it certainly did, and rather violently.

He spoke about the recent loss of his mother who had passed away peacefully 6 months prior to our meeting at the good age of 90 and how it had affected him so badly emotionally. He had always lived near his mother and gone back every Sunday for the traditional lunch! I asked him if he remembered roughly when the Parkinson’s first manifested and he said – about 6 months ago !

The voice print showed very low energy in the note of F# in his own C-2 octave, which corresponds to the sign of Libra where we find the Moon and Jupiter. His own note of G (Sun in Scorpio) was quite reasonable which suggested an underlying resilience. He said that bladder and kidney function were normal and that he did not have any sleep problems.

It is interesting that the Perfect 4th position is close to Uranus in Aries which confirms some disruption and sudden changes during childhood which obviously linked in with the war and the loss of his father. The Minor 3rd is close to Saturn in the 4th house which confirms the inner challenges are to stand on his own two feet and become the man of the house long before it was intended. The Major 6th confirms the challenges from the outside world link with Leo on the 10th house and push him into the limelight to become confident in a managerial role.

The next stage was to check on the BioSound chemistry database for frequencies in the notes of F and F# which will link to the Moon in particular. I found Alanine, Inositol and most interesting was Serotonin.

A sequence of frequencies between the notes of E and F# were calculated then played through the vibro-acoustic chair. Richard relaxed straight away and felt good with the sounds playing, but as soon as the frequency for Serotonin came on, he commented that it felt particularly nice and without knowing what the sounds related to, commented that he really missed his mum – the Moon directly links to the Mother!

After only about half a minute with this sound, I noticed that the tremors in his arm have stopped completely. I continued with this sound, and then others, for over 20 minutes and observed that at no time did any sign of the tremors return.

After the session had been completed, he got up, shook me firmly by my hand, with his own hand that had been trembling, and thanked me for the session etc. I think that the awareness of a link between the loss of his Mother, and the tremors, was slowly starting to sink in.

His daughter came back to collect him shortly afterwards and was stunned by the changes, not quite believing what she was seeing.

The greatest pleasure is that 3 months later, the doctors finally agreed to remove all medications and commented that of course, there are sometimes spontaneous healings that cannot be explained !

I kept in contact with Richard for 3 more years and he delighted in telling me that he was enjoying life to the full and finding great joy in watching his grandchildren grow up.