Case Study 7

Christopher – Rheumatoid Arthritis

Whilst visiting Scotland, I was asked to visit a young man called Christopher who lived out in the wilds of Aberdeenshire. He had Rheumatoid Arthritis and wondered whether the sound therapy might be able to help, as he was on a list of drugs that were causing more problems than they were solving.

He was born on the 14th May 1983 in Aberdeen at 00:01 hours.

The chart shows a loose seesaw pattern, which can indicate being pulled between two extremes of personality. The conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Mars is quite isolated from the rest of the chart in terms of the major aspects and the Moon is even more isolated, leaving him in a position of not knowing quite how to react to a given situation. The Neptune opposite Venus is highly sensitive, particularly as it is close to the Ascendant / Descendant axis. It can bring a delicacy to the personality which will not sit at all well with the very tough Sun / Mars in Taurus. I felt that his psyche had rejected this part of his being and asked whether he had experienced any bullying at school? He emphatically replied “Oh yes, from day one at primary school, right the way through!”

He is not too tall and quite a stocky build, very broad shoulders, not untypical of a Taurean type. He had started boxing lessons very early in order to stand up for himself against the jibes and taunts from other children. This intense activity had left his body somewhat twisted, his feet turned in towards each other and his wrists had very little movement in them. He found that getting out of a chair and walking around the room quite difficult. The chart picture gave me the impression of someone who might easily be boxed in by situations he couldn’t easily react to or control.

The drugs he was taking were:

Tramadol in C – This caused violent headaches.

Azathioprine in C#  – No apparent side effects.

Indomethacin in F# – This caused nausea and vomiting.

Prednisolone Sodium in B – This caused blurred vision and tiredness.

His voice print shows very low energy in his own note of C#, the note of D# being the lowest, which linked to his Venus in Cancer in the 7th house. This is crucial in Christopher’s chart because it relates to the partner and a stable home and family life. He told me that they desperately wanted children but the drugs were causing him real problems in this area.

I was intrigued by the Venus Neptune opposition and asked him about any innate artistic talents that he might have such as drawing, painting, sculpture etc, he said no to all of these, I then asked him if he might be interested in photography, he looked surprised and then said that he had started this hobby only six months ago! At last there was a method by which he could become more integrated.

I pointed out to him the relationship between drugs and frequencies, and very carefully suggested that he might have a word with his doctor to reduce those that were causing the worst side effects, particularly the Indomethacin. I also pointed out the links to the birthdays of those close to him.

His Mother was a Virgo (F), his Father was a Pisces (B), his wife was a Cancerian (D#) and his sister was also a Cancerian (D#). They both had a problem with his Mother, who was apparently quite an interfering type. His spoke about his Father in rather a vague manner and I gathered that he gave in to the Mother about most things. He had a close and loving bond to his sister, and as she and his wife were both Cancerians, they seemed to be providing some of the energy that he was lacking.

I selected the following frequencies and a few days later sent them to Christopher on a CD.

Saturn Harmonic Tritone in C – He said that his head felt calmer.

Sun in C# – He felt like getting up and doing something.

Mars in C# – He felt this in the pelvic area.

Moon in D – He took a deep breath and said it felt nice.

Venus in D# – This one reminded him of his Mother.

Vertebra C4, T9, S4 in D# – He felt this right through the whole body.

Minor 3rd from Sun in E – This made him feel sad, lack of joy, incomplete.

Venus in D# Neptune + Neptune in G# (difference in the note of B) – He felt a bit out of his body.

Mother in F + Father in B (difference in the note of D) – This made him feel really good.

I received word about 3 months later that he had been listening to his sounds religiously 3 times a day, he had reduced the medications after confronting his doctor and was now doing some jogging before breakfast. About 18 months later the best news of all was received – his wife had given birth to a bonny baby girl and needless to say they were both completely over the moon and amazed that the sound therapy had proved to be such a catalyst in this situation. His new found photographic skills just arrived at the right time and are bound to be put to very good use in the future.