Case Study 9

George – Depression

I met George at a society birthday party where there were many highly spiritually motivated people.

At one point in the proceedings, we were all invited to say a few words about the lady whose party it was, to which James said that he didn’t feel he should be there because he wasn’t at all spiritual !

I had a chance later on to talk with George and he acknowledged that he was quite severely depressed. I told him about the sound therapy and he readily accepted a session in the near future.

He was born on the 19th July 1982 in Huddersfield at 03:40 hours.

He has quite a complex chart, it is a bowl type, very self contained but aware of something missing in his life. The Sun and Mercury are square to the Mars, Saturn, Pluto grouping which brings much tension and potential anger into his life. The Moon Venus conjunction has a great need for affection but being hidden in the 12th house makes it very difficult to demonstrate that inner need. This is part of a grand trine with Jupiter and the midheaven in Pisces. This is the way out, the opportunity to be of a high spiritual service to humanity, letting go the anger and frustration of early life by moving into new areas where people are more enlightened and ready to embrace the alternative concepts. The Moon and Venus are also opposite Neptune, this sensitises the individual to a high degree but it might take quite some time for this alignment to be accepted and used properly.

From a very early age, his father pushed him into the martial arts where he soon became an expert and entered many competitions, winning most of them and moving rapidly to black belt status. One of the main problems with this so called ‘sport’ was being hit many times around the centre of the body, which just happens to correspond with the sign of Cancer. He was self harming but in quite a different way to the general understanding of that term. He has suffered with migraines for a long time and taken Neurofen for years, which has caused a corroded duodenum.

He also developed IBS and has tried over 30 different medications but nothing worked. He is in a cyclic pattern of IBS causing depression and the depression causing more IBS. He finds it difficult to engage with the normal patterns of the day, so has no hopes for the future and is now consulting with a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He now spends most days in front of a computer screen trying to learn how to program games in order to make some money. He has a very lovely wife who is very strong mentally and emotionally, she provides constant encouragement, without which I would be very concerned about his will to live. She would like to have children at some point….

The only medication he was taking at the time we met was Duloxetine Hydrochloride (F), this was causing the IBS to flare up and not helping in any way with the state of depression. I found many anti depressants in the database, many of them having side effects, but suggested that the one that might really help was St Johns Wort, having a suitable frequency in the note of C.

The first 6 notes in his C-2 octave are very low, which suggested, along with the astrological chart, many traumas during childhood. He felt a hatred for his father for most of his life and is only now beginning to attempt to open communication channels in what might be considered a normal way.

He found great difficulty talking about his mother, she seemed to be in the background, probably a little fearful of her husband and of showing too much affection for her son. The mother’s birthday is in the note of B and the father’s birthday is in the note of A#.

It is interesting to note that his Neptune is in the Perfect 4th position of childhood. He commented that he had always been sceptical, trying to make sense of everything, and that by not understanding had caused him to worry incessantly. A perfect description of the effect that Neptune can bring. His Minor 3rd locks onto the Stellium of planets in Libra in F#, causing the reaction in the outer world of Aries in C which manifested in fighting.

I had hoped to use the combinations of Moon or Venus with Neptune but in this case the resultant frequencies did not seem appropriate. Here is the final list of selected frequencies for George:

Saturn Harmonic Tritone  C 

Mars Harmonic Tritone  C 

Leucine (Amino Acid)  C 

Major 6th  C 

Asparagine (Amino Acid) 

Pepsin (Digestive Enzyme) 

Uranus Harmonic Tritone D 

Glutamine (Amino Acid)  D

Glutamic Acid (Amino Acid)  D

Venus  D

Methionine (Amino Acid)  D#

Glycine (Amino Acid) D#

Mercury D#

Sun D#

Sun in D# + Father in A#              Difference reinforcing his own note of D#

Sun in D# + Mother in B               Difference in the note of F helping the small intestine

His response to all of the 14 single tones was positive, but the last two caused a strong reaction, the link to his fathers frequency made him feel less depressed and the link to his mothers frequency allowed the pain of the IBS to subside. This was a highly encouraging step forward.

I was able to visit about 3 months later and the following voice print showed some improvements.

There is still much inner work for George to do, sometimes there has to be an appropriate time for the individual to gain such awareness that they are able to make the necessary shift for themselves.

One method of gaining an insight as to future psychological trends is to look at the Transits, these are the current positions of the planets and may be seen as an overlay to the astrological chart.

Neptune is entering his 10th house of career, which may very well lead him into the realms of the artistic, musical, metaphysical or spiritual. Uranus is now opposing his tricky stellium of planets, which will hopefully awaken him to new possibilities of directing his energies. Jupiter crossing his Ascendant should bring a new sense of hope and optimism about himself and his place in the world.

We can only watch and wait, the holes in his life are being filled with the necessary sounds, he has the support of his wife and friends. I hope his karmic path is such that allows all of these to work.