Case Study 4

Tom – Heart Issues

Tom was brought to me by his wife, not unwillingly, but certainly with some scepticism and reserve. She was a therapist herself, but could not seem to help him. It is often the case that the best therapy is received from someone not emotionally close to you. Tom had taken early retirement from the metropolitan police, where he had been a detective, as a result of a heart attack. He was unable to communicate with his wife on a normal emotional level and his wife was concerned that he might have another attack so was trying various alternative therapies to help him move forward.

He was born on the 18th January 1944 in London at 14:30 hours

His chart falls into the category of locomotive, with the leading ‘planet’ being the sun in Capricorn in the 8th house, with the ruler Saturn on the ascendant. Along with the Moon in Libra, this chart shows a strong sense of right and wrong, a need for justice and fair play, but with a hardness on the self as though he does not have the right to experience joy. The one aspect that did concern me was the exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the 12th house. This aspect often indicates violence, but here it is hidden away. It occurs in Gemini which links with the teenage years, I asked Len if he had been strongly involved with the investigation of the murders of teenagers? At that point he looked at me pointedly and asked “how the hell did you know that?” to which I replied that I didn’t but that the conjunction in Gemini in the 12th had suggested it! I now had his undivided attention.

His voice print was showing no hits at all in the note of D up until that moment, and then just a few started to appear. I knew that there was something else which he was not saying, I asked him what he did before he joined the police? He went quiet. I told him that he was in a very safe place to talk about the past, after a few moments he told me in a very quiet voice that he had been in the SAS.

I immediately intuited what was coming and he must also have sensed that. I asked him where ‘particularly’ he had been on his travels to which he replied “the jungles of Borneo”, removing ‘obstacles’ at the request of HM government!

He had sworn to absolute secrecy and as such the Gemini need to talk had been seriously squashed.

As Gemini is also the rising sign, his own personality had been put on the back burner whilst he lived the personality that his bosses required. When this happens for a long period, the stress levels are likely to cause the weakest link in the body to break.

The larger than life Jupiter in Leo in the 4th house suggested a powerful father figure, Tom told me that he was always told to be quiet because his father seemed to need to be ‘at the front of the stage’ all the time. There was a gradual build up of anger, which is why Tom joined the army in the first place, an ideal environment to get that emotion out of the system safely. The minus light position in the POD configuration falls very close to Saturn so this frequency will be very important.

The Moon in Libra in the 5th suggests an artistic Mother who is always trying to keep the peace, especially between Len and his father. The relationship with his mother was excelle

Looking at the notes of C, C#, D and D#, I first selected the frequency for Taurine, an amino acid for strengthening heart muscle. This settled him immediately and he seemed to be quite relaxed. The next note was the Minor 3rd, he said that it felt nice and felt no threat from it, which can often happen with a converged note. I then tried the Major 3rd but that didn’t do anything for him, which didn’t surprise me, there didn’t seem to be any correspondences in the chemistry database. It simply prepared him for the next most important note.

The note of D relating to the Mars Uranus conjunction made him gasp as soon as it started. I asked him what he was feeling and he replied that he felt like he was back in the jungles of Borneo, which felt quite unpleasant. I turned the volume down and left it on for a few more minutes. I then played another note of D, which related to the position of Saturn. He said that it felt heavy; it is interesting that a strongly placed Saturn can often weigh us down with the sense of responsibility that it demands. Finally I used the Harmonic Tritone in D#, which is the complementary note to his Sun sign note of A. He felt tightness across the solar plexus area – this is a self-nurturing note for Tom.

I then started the sequence again but on the next octave. At this point there was another gasp but I immediately noticed a sense of peace in his expression. I asked what he was experiencing and he said he was back in Borneo but in a different jungle. As I watched him, a strange sort of glow started to appear around his head, I have never seen it before or since. I knew he was ok with this and after about five minutes he opened his eyes and burst into tears, which felt to me like he was releasing a huge amount of emotional stuff.

I decided that there was no need to continue with other notes at that octave and so brought the session to a close. After a few minutes he was ready to tell me what he had experienced whilst that last sound was playing; he felt like he was in an unknown jungle, wearing his full combat gear and armed to the teeth. He gradually floated up into the canopy, whereupon he let all his weapons fall down to the ground, followed by the complete set of army clothes. He then told me that he ascended further up from the canopy, into the clouds, where he encountered a bright light, which enveloped him and gave him a complete sense of peace.

This was the most extraordinary and wonderful conclusion to a sound therapy session. I guided him into our other room where his wife was waiting, she took one look at him, jumped up and they embraced tightly; her expression said it all. I left the room for a few minutes….

About two weeks later I received a very nice letter from the wife expressing her gratitude and joy in getting back the husband she had always known was hiding somewhere. They lived at the other end of the country so unfortunately I never saw them again but I did receive a Christmas card later that year confirming that all was still well and that they were both enjoying life.