Case Study 8

Amelia – Emotional Issues

I met Amelia at a venue for alternative thinkers and seekers of a more spiritual awareness. I had been invited to present the concepts of sound therapy with astrology to the group. Amelia was one of many who were very keen to try this ‘new’ therapy. She stood out as having almost angelic qualities about her. She was very accepting and non judgemental of her fellow human beings even though she had experienced just the opposite from her own family.

She was born on the 8th September 1951 in London at 20:45 hours.

She has a bucket chart with Jupiter as the handle, well integrated into both a Grand Trine and a Cardinal T-Square. This will bring a great deal of activity on all levels throughout the life. She will experience many hardships but with the inner resources to overcome and transcend them. The majority of planets on the right hand side suggests that she is a real people oriented person, destined to work with the public on many levels. She was initially drawn to work in the banking sector, which is ruled by the 8th house and here we find the Moon in Sagittarius, at the peak of the Grand Trine. This career was therefore destined to be successful but when the Moon is an influential factor, changes are bound to occur and she was eventually drawn into the world of complementary therapies and healing. These changes are also shown by the 6th house of work. Saturn starts the ball rolling with its links to maths, organising ability and discipline, bringing form and structure into the place of work etc. Neptune in Libra shows the empathic nature for others that will manifest after the age of about 35 and with its opposition to Jupiter, be strongly linked to a religious or spiritual level.

Uranus in the 4th house, at the apex of the T-Square suggests strong disruptive influences in the early years at home, with an inner need to show the world that differences should be more accepted.

The South Node in her own sign of Virgo suggests sacrifice and suffering, the North Node in Pisces in the 11th house is her way forward, to give to all of humanity on a completely selfless level.

She has Sun in Virgo with Taurus rising, two earth signs that give a grounded practical nature that others less fortunate may rely on to get them through a crisis. The ruler of Taurus is Venus, which is conjunct the Sun and Trine the Ascendant. She did not have to try to be herself, it just came through quite naturally. Her Mars in Leo in the 5th house shows a very creative and energetic person.

The first voice print was not too out of balance, the most interesting point is that the note of C# has a hole in it, this is linked to the Taurus Ascendant and suggests that her personality was being attacked in some way. The attacker is shown by the stress in the note of G, which is Scorpio in the 7th house of the partner. Scorpio can be vindictive and it was in fact her husband causing the problem because he was totally opposed to her visits to this venue and the type of people it attracted, and even her work with the complementary therapies.

She had been given drugs for a condition when she was younger, which was apparently similar to spina bifida, and this had caused infertility. I can only wonder whether her husband became embittered about this fact. Her chart shows that she should have had children and that she would have made a wonderful mother. Her Mother and sister were quite bitter people, who hurt her a great deal, I think they may have been jealous about her talents and naturally loving disposition. She did have a very close and loving bond to her brother, which must have helped her a great deal.

On top of all this, her Gall Bladder had been removed, which had left her in some discomfort and regular pain. I expected this to show in the voice print but she had somehow risen above this level, accepting it with good grace and never showing any outward signs that there was any problem.

Because of the time limitations, I selected just a few frequencies from the list shown on the next page, which I felt were really important for her to experience :

Jupiter in Aries  C – Initial headache then calming

Ascendant in Taurus  C#  – She felt better about myself

Moon Comp in Gemini D  – Helped her to stop worrying

Uranus in Cancer  D#  – Reminded her of home and family

Jupiter in C + Neptune in F# – Totally relaxing

Difference in the note of D (Harmonic Tritone of the Moon)

She felt very good after the session and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the weekend with many new found friends. We met up again the following year and the resultant voice print looked much better.

She had found a new inner power to cope with the negativity from her husband, and family, really enjoying her therapy work and delighting to be back at this venue meeting again her new friends.

It came as a shock when I heard that she had suddenly been taken ill, rushed into hospital and died in just a few days of pancreatic cancer, symptomatic perhaps of no more sweetness in one’s life. I learned that a few weeks earlier she had lost her dear brother and one can only think that was the straw that broke the camels back. She had obviously completed her karmic cycle in this incarnation.

This case study is a tribute to Amelia who passed away on 19th April 2013