Case Study 3

Loretta – Lost Voice

Loretta came to see me in some distress because she had nearly lost her voice. She is a practicing regression therapist and counsellor who was about to fly out to the Far East on a tour promoting these skills and was wondering whether she might have to cancel the trip.

She was born on the 16th April 1953 in Burnley at 23:40 hours.

She has a splash chart suggesting an interest in many spheres of life but the very strong oppositions between her Sun/Venus and Saturn/Neptune provided a pulling away from the 4th house of home and family, up towards the 10th house of career in counselling or diplomacy.

The Moon in the 6th house in Gemini suggests that she is destined to work with the public in a manner that utilises her own voice. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, which in the sign of Pisces, gives a gentleness and softness to her speech. The Moon is also at an irritating angle to Saturn & Neptune, she had some issues with her Mother who didn’t agree with her choice of career, which caused arguments.

With the majority of planets on the right hand side of the chart, it indicates a certain dependency on others even though she would have you believe otherwise, especially as she is of the Aries fire type, attempting to be in charge at all times.

The voice print, shown below, showed quite a strong energy generally but not enough in her own note of C. As this is Aries in the 4th House, it might be that the home life is not all that it could be, Aries people can often display a lack of sharing life properly with the partner. She also tries to ‘guide’ her daughter in the right direction; teenagers are not easily guided by their parents!

The note of C# links with Mars in Taurus, which is usually a very practical placement but there is a lack of this quality here, the 5th house being having an affiliation with children, her daughter is very practical but this lady is drawn to very esoteric or spiritual realms, leaving herself lacking.

The note of D is related to her work and I ascertained that she was very nervous indeed about the forthcoming trip, which is probably why the problem with the voice manifested. The note of B was ok, here is Mercury in Pisces, which is connected with speech but this is not the problem, a lack of energy in the actual throat region of C#, including the tubes and airways related to the note of D, was the emotional root cause of the loss of voice.

It is worth mentioning the note of E as it links with Pluto in Leo, in the 9th house, at the apex of a Grand Trine (blue triangle) which suggests an easy flow of energy around all 3 fire signs. This on the one hand will give a great projection of self, and a passion for what she is doing, but also a possible selfishness and wilfulness if not properly channelled.

This note of E seems to be quite a pivotal point between the octaves, showing 88 hits in C-1 and 199 hits in Middle C which is also a slight dip between D# and F in that octave. The note of E relates to the lungs on a physical level along with the immune system as linked with the Thymus gland, also the sense of joy and radiating good will to others on an emotional level.

The various notes selected were checked against the chemistry database but no correspondences of any significance were found, She was not on any medications and had no physical complaints generally. The sequence of notes selected were related to the positions of Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Uranus, Pluto and the Minor 3rd position.

The first 4 notes she happily soaked up like a sponge, relaxing well and enjoying the experience. She immediately felt the Moon frequency by taking a deep breath in and commenting that it felt very emotional, incorporating both grief and relief. She had felt remorse since her mother died and wished they hadn’t argued so much. After a few minutes with this sound, I noticed that her voice was gradually becoming stronger; I was able to hear her words more clearly. We carried on with some more single sounds but none had the same effect as the Moon frequency.

Because of the obviously underlying emotional content to this problem, a combination of notes was chosen, that being the Sun opposite Saturn. Saturn is good for grounding. This would point to the note of A so had to be ‘reversed’ to give D#. A reversal is mathematical manipulation of musical notes so that the difference appears on the opposite side of the frequency wheel.

This note linked to Uranus in Cancer in the 7th house, disruptions to the partner, affecting the home life. Without mentioning this to her, she commented that when she got back she would try to look after him a bit better!

We returned to the Moon frequency and after about half an hour, her voice was virtually back to normal. She was able to continue with her trip abroad and reported back some weeks later that it had gone very well, and that she had found a new confidence after the sound therapy session.

She continues to do well, her husband recovered, thanks to some home based TLC, her daughter got married and left home, which of course meant that they all started to get on better together!