Case Study 2

Mandy – Stiff Neck

Mandy came to see me with one specific and peculiar problem, she had a very stiff neck, which had been diagnosed as emanating from the C2 vertebra. She had seen chiropractors, osteopaths, taken the obligatory pills from the doctor but nothing had worked so was looking to the unorthodox practices for a possible solution.

She was born 10th June 1946 in Manchester at 18:00 hours.

She was a tall, slim, blond, very good looking woman with a most friendly gregarious nature, interested in everything around her and very active in the outer world. The chart shows this clearly by virtue of all of the planets being in the upper hemisphere and being grouped in a bowl type configuration. The Sun conjunct Uranus gives her that open friendly nature with a slightly wacky feel that is quite endearing. She longed for a more stable home life but with Pisces in the 4th house, which is not grounding enough for a normal home situation, that simply was not going to happen.

She happily told me that she had kicked her husband out years ago and was living reasonably contentedly! The problem in her neck however was quite recent and did not seem to have any cause such as a fall, a sudden twisting to the body, too much driving with a poor posture or anything else that either of us could think about.

Her Fundamental note is in D which had quite a good energy to it. The frequency of the C2 is very close to the Minor 3rd note in F, signifying her challenges from the outer world. The voice print was in general was quite reasonably balanced with some stress shown in this note of F.

She relaxed into the vibroacoustic chair without any worries and I immediately generated the sound of the C2. After about 2 minutes she suddenly sat up sharply, put her hand on the back of her neck and said “Ouch, oh my God” at which point I became most concerned that some damage had occurred.

She said that something had just clicked and that the pain had gone completely, she proceeded to move her head from side to side just to confirm that fact to herself. I asked her if she could just relax again for a short while but there was no further change or discomfort. I was surprised and pleased by the sudden positive effect and so we ended the session

I still did not know why the problem had occurred in the first place, but just as she was leaving, her phone went and when the call was done, she said that she must hurry to make sure she met her new boyfriend at the expected time.

She had not mentioned this person at all during our conversation and so I asked her if she knew when his birthday was, to which she replied – September 15th.

I suddenly realised that his birthday frequency was almost exactly on her C2 frequency, we then ascertained that the pain started shortly after she had met him but that she had not thought for one minute of making a connection between him and her problem.

He was the metaphorical ‘pain in her neck’, an idea which she found to be highly amusing….

The pain never returned, my theory is that her new awareness of the connection had shifted her up a notch in some way, which was all that was needed for a complete healing. About a year later, I learned that they were still together quite happily !