Case Study 5

Jason – Catalepsy or Narcolepsy?

I encountered Jason because of his gifts for website design and hosting. Whilst I was with him, I noticed that on occasion he would seem to drift off into his own world, becoming oblivious to my presence in the room. I carefully pointed this out to him whereupon he disclosed that he had been diagnosed with the very strange conditions of catalepsy by one doctor and narcolepsy by another. Catalepsy may be brought on by a sudden shock or by prolonged depression, but usually it only lasts for a few minutes up to about an hour. The vital bodily functions slow down and on occasion may resemble death itself. Narcolepsy causes the person to just fall asleep for a few minutes when in a quiet environment and the person may be woken easily. It is thought to be an immune-related disorder, which has no known cure and will probably last for life.

He was born on the 12th August 1974 in Glasgow at 13:40 hours.

His chart is a splash type, showing a general interest in the world at large, and one would think that the Leo Sun would attract him to the limelight, fame and fortune, but that is definitely not the case for Jason. He is a quiet and gentle soul, finding relationships with women very difficult and stressful on those rare moments when they do occur, he prefers to sit with his computer and work when he has the energy. His Father is an Aries and his Mother also a Leo, both fire signs, active and positive people so I gathered. He claimed that his relationship with both of them was fine, but would not expand at all on that statement, I am sure that something unexpected happened in early childhood, which he has either forgotten or completely blocked out emotionally.

He has a Grand Cross in Mutable signs which is certainly a potential health warning, the body not being as robust as the Leo Sun would have us believe. The Moon opposite Neptune is one of the most sensitive aspects and is often seen in the charts of mystics, psychics and clairvoyants.

Scorpio rising is very quiet and secretive about their own affairs, preferring to watch carefully what other people do and how they react to situations. They can often make effective psychoanalysts.

Uranus in Libra in the 12th house is the one planet that could be the trigger for the problems he is having, these manifesting in the head area, which is in the opposite sign of Aries.

Uranus hidden away like this in the 12th house, decreases conscious awareness, leaving the owner at the mercy of unexpected events and thereby prone to the sudden shock of a changing situation. These are some of the many possibilities, this area being totally uncharted in the field of astrology.

One cousin has epilepsy and a grandmother had a stroke, both on his Mothers side of the family.

He was taking Prozac daily, along with cannabis and quite a few roll-up cigarettes.

His diet was not very good, typical of a single chap living on his own, he said that he occasionally got heartburn after a meal. He did not do much exercise, sometimes not leaving the house for days.

His voice print shows the first 4 notes missing completely in his own octave, but still existing in his female octave, the crucial changeover or ‘wall’ occurring in his base note of E. I could easily tell that he wasn’t the happiest bunny in the field but found it incredibly difficult to get him to talk about his family, home life, upbringing or anything that might include an emotional component.

His minus light is in the note of A, this relates to Capricorn, the ruler of which is Saturn, which is in Cancer in the 9th house. This made me wonder whether he had been removed from his real family for some reason, then placed in another family who, although doing their best for him, it might not have been good enough if Tony retains some memory, however deeply rooted, even at a cellular level, of his rightful and proper place in the world. I could not make progress with this theory.

Because of the unknown cause of his problems, I selected a wide variety of frequencies both on a physical and an emotional level as follows:

Taurine in C – He felt comfortable with this one.

Father in C – There was no reaction at all.

Aspartic Acid in C# – He felt a tingling in the throat area.

Pepsin in C# – He let out a couple of burps.

The Moon in D – He felt a bit spacey with this one.

Testosterone in D – He felt a bit brighter mentally.

Glutamic Acid in D – He wasn’t sure whether he could feel anything or not.

Neurokinin B in D# – He felt a slight discomfort at the back of the head.

Dopamine in D# – He found this very relaxing and comforting.

Venus in D# – Not sure at first, then felt a bit of heartburn.

Mother in D# – There was no reaction at all.

The Sun in E – He fell asleep for several minutes.

Mars in F + Jupiter in B (difference in the note of D) – He felt very awake and much more mentally alert and alive.

 Moon in D + Neptune in G# (difference in the note of E) – He felt quite spacey, said that he could drift off into the universe with this combination.

I did not reveal the significance of each of the notes so the lack of any reaction to the Father and Mother frequencies almost confirmed my previous thoughts on the possible family background. I left these 2 frequencies out and put the other 12 on to a CD for him.

About 3 months later, he reported a slight change in his condition, he felt capable of going out a bit more and even got a part time job at a small computer shop so at least he was meeting more people.

He had to advise the shop owner of his condition, which fortunately was accepted, this had been a real problem in gaining suitable employment previously. He told me that he had improved his diet, he certainly looked a bit better when I next visited to do a retest which results are shown above.

He still has lapses of consciousness for just a few minutes but not as frequently as before.