Personal Frequencies


We are now able to calculate a comprehensive set of frequencies for anyone and these depend upon the date and time of day that they were born.

We now look at this set of frequencies in a circular mode so that complementary sets can be clearly observed.

When one ‘side’ of the voice print is high, the other one is low, showing where balance needs to be restored.

Once we know which frequencies need to be restored, they can be played back using a variety of methods; theses mainly being a personal CD, a programmable tonebox (please see under products) or through a vibro-acoustic chair.

The Frequency Wheel


The Fundamental note, at the top of thew wheel, indicates the self and is associated with the date of birth of the client which, in the case above, is approximately 5th April giving a zodiacal degree of 15 ° Aries.

The complementary note, or harmonic tritone, which lies on the opposite side to the fundamental is said to link with the non-self, indicates the ability to relate to others in the world at large, whether that be through personal relationships, the work place or groups and societies. When the fundamental and its complement are sounded together, the resultant frequency will, by specific combinations, point either to the left, or to the right converged note. If the native has difficulties with the challenges signified by the left or right converged notes, this can be helped by this frequency combination.

The notes labelled minor 3rd and major 6th indicate the challenges faced whether those be self-initiated or being forced upon the native via other people, events and situations. When these two notes are played together, the resultant frequency will, by specific combinations, point either to the birth note or to its complement, so helping to heal any problems in either of those areas.

The note labelled perfect 4th is said to have strong links with the childhood and if that note is weak then the frequency given, along with the fundamental, are used together to help the client heal any traumatic memories of those past events that are preventing him or her from being more fully in the present.

The note labelled perfect 5th is also said to be linked with childhood but here, it is used along with the fundamental if the birth note itself is low. It may be that there is a reluctance to leave the happy memories of that childhood and enter fully into the adult world; quite understandable in many cases I am sure.

Once the astrological chart has been properly cast, dependent as it is upon an accurately known time of birth; the frequency wheel, as well as the voice print, can be properly aligned with the chart so as to show in detail how the various concepts of self-awareness, proper relationships, meeting challenges, enjoying the period of childhood and then letting go, may be fully accomplished, and maybe showing us why there have been, or still are, difficulties in any of these particular areas.

The frequency wheel deals with very specific angles relating to the fundamental, such as 90°, 150° and 180°, and these are perfectly valid and useable on their own, but as we start to look at astrological charts more closely, we will be able to see how the frequencies relating to the planetary positions on the wheel might well be of more use, because of these positions being such an inherent part of the psychology of the native, so as to facilitate a more speedy recovery for a given ailment or problem.