Welcome to the World of Sound Therapy

With Philip Sterling

Voice Analysis

Have you ever wondered how your voice conveys all your emotions, even when you do not want it to?

Health and Well Being

Well it does more than that. It is the doorway to reveal all your emotional and physical well being!

Sound Therapy

When you are out of sorts, sound therapy can help restore the balance necessary to bring about revitalised health and well being.













































Sound Therapy can help you with....

Stress and Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

Insomnia & Sleep Apnea

Obsessive & Compulsive Disorders

Sound Therapy can help you with....

Behavioural Problems

Emotional Traumas

Anger and Depression

Allergies of all kinds

Sound Therapy can help you with....


Digestive Problems

Muscular Problems

IB Syndrome


and many more…….


Voice Analysis

Voice analysis involves talking into a microphone and having sophisticated software designed by Philip Sterling create voice patterns which can then be analysed.

Health and Well Being

The human voice is the most powerful method of expression we have. Every single voice is unique and indicates the underlying emotional and physical state of our health and well being at all times.

Sound Therapy


Frequencies detected in the voice that are weak, over powering or even missing can be balanced or re-introduced to a client using a specilaised vibro-acoustic chair which allows the sounds to be directly felt.